Ahmad Shah Massoud - The Lion of Panjshir

If you don’t know who he is, you should read up. He dedicated his life to the dream of bringing democracy and independence to Afghanistan. He fought against Soviet occupation. He fought against Osama Bin Laden. He fought against the oppression of the Taliban. He fought for the equality of women in Islam. He was a warrior for peace.

Massoud repeatedly warned the United States of approaching danger and pleaded for assistance in fighting the Taliban and their Pakistani supporters. In April of 2001 he ominously stated, “If the United States does not help us fight the Taliban soon, these terrorists will bring their violence to the United States and Europe.”

He was assassinated on September 9, 2001 by Al-Qaeda suicide bombers.

“We consider this as part of our duty to defend humanity against the scourge of intolerance, violence and fanaticism.” - Ahmad Shah Massoud

Wow. I like this man, and wish he had not died.

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